Black Belt

Traditional Taekwondo: This class emphasizes the traditions of ATA Taekwondo training. Training centers on forms development, technical development, timing, mental focus and physical development.

Defensive Tactics: A system of controlled defensive and offensive body movements used to respond to a subject’s aggression or resistance. These techniques are an expansion of colored belt self-defense.

Power Training: Black belts will be challenged to improve their technical abilities, timing, fitness, flexibility, and board breaking while developing a comprehensive knowledge of proper martial arts training.

Pro-Tech: Training programs include BME, SJB, JB (bo staff), etc. Instructors use these training tools to teach black belts advanced coordination, application and improve martial arts skills. Pro-tech weapons are a part of rank advancement.


Sparring: Black belts will train reflexive responses against unplanned attacks. Essentially, black belts will learn to move beyond the basic sparring concepts in favor of spontaneous movements designed for true self-defense.


Leadership: Black belts learn guiding principles of our martial arts system. Black belts learn the communication skills of a Master Instructor.

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