Cage Fitness is based on the structure of a championship MMA bout.  Cage Fitness will give you a toatl body workout in just five 5 minute rounds.  

There are four key elements that are focused on:  Endurance,

Martial Fitness

At Legacy Master Martial Arts we offer a well rounded martial fitness program.  Our program incorporates Kickboxing Aerobics, 
Cage Fitness, and Warrior XFit. Whether you are a martial arts student or just looking for a great workout this is the program for you!

Kickboxing Aerobics is a full body intensive cardio workout in a room full of other motivated athletes soaked in sweat! Students will learn how to use kicks, punches, strikes, and blocks in a rhythmic motion while getting one of the best workouts.

The exercises that comprise each workout (or "Fight") are based on martial arts training.  Each exercise is done for a specified amount of time, to a certain number of repetitions, so your fights always last 20 minutes. Risistance bands are used during this class.

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